An Aventura e-commerce company will more than triple its Orlando footprint to accommodate plans to hire 100 people by the end of the year.
Entertainment Benefits Group has purchased a 144,000-square-foot building west of Florida Mall, representing a major jump from its current 40,000-square-foot facility.

Company officials say they expect to move into the building sometime within the next six months.
“Our business is growing at a fast pace and we are running out of space in our current building,” CEO and Founder Brett Reizen said. “This new building gives us ample room for our growth.”

The new location will serve as an operational headquarters for the company, which employs about 360 of its 600 workers in Orlando.
The entertainment and travel benefits company plans to start the hiring quickly, with an expected 30 to 40 call center hires within 60 days.

To lure potential workers, the company will build some fringe benefits like a yoga studio, fitness classes and trainers and meditation room into the new location.
“We are in a great economy right now and it’s a very competitive industry,” he said. “We try to have an engaged workforce.”

Entertainment Benefits Group has more than 40,000 partner companies around the world.
These businesses get matched with perk providers, creating corporate-benefit packages for clients’ employees.

For instance, exclusive corporate benefits programs for employees and prospective employees might include tickets to theme parks.
The company provides the benefits program for Universal Resort Orlando.

In addition, it has forged partnerships with attractions and theme parks including Walt Disney World to sell more than 10 million admission tickets annually.
“In today’s environment, people want to have something unique and move quickly,” he said. “We have great partnerships.”

The company also has arrangements with American Express, Bank of America, Verizon and Siemens.
“Our goal is to continuously expand our corporate-client base,” said Reizen, who also estimated that the company will pour another $2 million to upgrade the new building
before the move.

The company started in Aventura and then opened an office in Orlando, before moving to other locations in Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles and Connecticut.
EBG plans to sell its 44,736-square-foot building on the 5500 block of Vanguard Street.